Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life is full of changes...

Life is full of changes. And really, aren’t we lucky that’s the case? How boring our existence would be if everything was the same, day in and day out. The same weather. Identical food from one meal to the next. Conversations that were similar—or worse—that were constantly in agreement, with no debate and no stretching of the mind or consciousness. What if we were continuously surrounded by the same people who were caught in an eddy of stagnation, with no new ideas or thoughts or dilemmas? Or, how boring would our daily commute be if everything appeared exactly the same, with no variation of sights and sounds and activity?

Yes, life is filled with fluctuations from one day to the next. It keeps us interested and animated. It forces us to tap into a small portion of that vast intellect we each possess. Life keeps us ALIVE.

It is autumn, here in Maine. A season of transformation. Just days ago, it seems, we were reveling in warm days and slightly cooler, refreshing nights. The windows were left open to catch the breeze. Jackets stayed on hooks, and bare legs and feet were not an uncommon sight. And yet, we are just three weeks into the fall and we've already passed ‘peak foliage’ and have had our first snowfall, too. The colorful display of leaves was gorgeous, but short-lived. The snow was also fleeting and (to this woman who is still a girl at heart) was wondrous to behold. Before we know it, that frosty white stuff will be in residence for the winter…insulating our houses against the bite of cold and wind, and providing a playground for skiers, sledders and snowmobilers. It will spur the economy as people buy studded snow tires, fuel to heat their homes, and parkas and boots to warm their bodies. It will bring a bit of magic to the holidays.

And then, just as we get tired of it…just as we begin to feel the frustration of another driveway to plow, another roof to rake, one more set of steps to shovel off…just then, a spring zephyr will whisper its way through the forests and across the fields, softening the crust as it caresses the drifts and gullies. A steady rain will fall…not one that glazes the snow and turns it to perilous ice, but one that permeates and melts and washes away the frozen precipitation that has carpeted the earth during its dormancy.

A robin will appear in a bare patch of ground under an evergreen, and its morning call will awaken us, causing a feeling of renewed hope and revitalization as we begin our day. A crocus will push its way through the snow, its vibrant color bringing a smile to our faces and a lift to our spirits. At dusk, a woodcock will give its distinct mating call from the edge of the meadow…ending our day in the same way it started. With hope and anticipation for life. New life, for some--and a rejuvenation of the existence already in play, for others.

Yes, life is full of changes. And really…aren’t we lucky that’s the case?

The photo above was taken this morning, October 14, 2009. The view is of snow-capped Abraham Mountain, with the village of Kingfield nestled at its base. A morsel of waning summer, a taste of advancing autumn, and the bite of winter’s promise, all in one. Ah, life.

Copyright Karen Bessey Pease 2009


  1. I just discovered that if you click on the photo, you can view a full-sized version of it! I hope you'll do looks much lovlier when seen in detail.

    These computers are just FULL of surprises, aren't they?


  2. And it's a magnificent photo, too. So like Scotland. The Scots who 'discovered' Maine must have worked hard to transform that part of the world into Scotland's image in such short a timeframe :-^)

    Beautiful pic, Kazza. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Heh. You fun-loving and humorous! (Note there's only ONE 'u' in humorous!)

    Glad you liked the photo, Jack. When you told me it was good, THAT'S when I decided to share. So...thank YOU.