Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Couple of Quickies....

Tom the Turbinator is hard at work, choosing the winner of the "Name that MADGE" contest. We await with baited breath for the results!

What does that mean, anyway? "Baited breath"? A baited hook has a worm or a grub on it. Not sure that's what my breath is like. Not even sure what a worm smells like. Hmmm...

Anyway, my point was, we're anxious to know who the winner will be of tickets to the benefit comedy and music event being held at Nostalgia Tavern in Kingfield next Saturday, December 4th. Seven p.m. So... come on, Mr. Turbinator. Let's hear what the Judge's Choice is! (And thanks for doing this for me, sweetheart. You're the best!)

While the main purpose of this event is to raise money for the Friends of the Highland Mountains, it also serves another purpose. The evening will give us the opportunity to relax and have fun with each other and our guests. As stressful as it's been to fight mountaintop industrial wind in Maine, we could use a break.

So please consider joining us next Saturday night as I stand before a crowd and... do whatever it is that I do. No one has quite figured out exactly what that is, but I've heard phrases like "crash and burn", "bomb, BIG TIME" and "take a nose dive off the stage" used as points of reference.


One more thing: I'd like to provide you with a link to the blog for the Citizens Task Force on Wind Power, where a dear friend of mine has posted some photos and captioned them with his Thanksgiving thoughts. Please feel free to take a look and a quick read. And if you have any interest in supporting those of us who are fighting Big Wind in Maine, joining the site is quick and easy. Please consider doing just that. There is no expense involved, but there IS strength in numbers!



  1. Bated breath. A shortened form of abated.

    Yours, however, is much more interesting. You know what are silent and smell like worms?

    Sparrow farts.

  2. Och, CP!!! Are you SURE??? 'BATED'???

    Damn! I will simply NEVER have to worry about impressing YOU with my superior intellect, will I? Jayzum!!!

    Well, hell. What kind of photo would I post to GAG to correspond with 'bated', huh??? Tell me that, why don't you?


    Heh.... always keeping me on my toes, aren'tcha?

    Love you-- even though you're too damned smart for your own good! (Or maybe... for mine?)