Friday, December 17, 2010

Rather than....

Rather than risk embarrassing any of my friends, who are incredibly good sports and wonderful, giving people, I decided to remove "A Highland Thanksgiving"-- a poem I wrote a few days ago while taking a few minutes off from my efforts to stop the plan to install 'industrial wind' on Maine's mountains.

The poem received a rather nasty comment, and such things always stir controversy. While I am okay with controversy over 'wind' related matters, I prefer to protect my friends from such.

So.... I'll have to come up with something else to post here. But... it won't be today. Today, I am off to be a bit more productive.

Ta, folks.



  1. I thought that the poem was right up there with the likes of Robert Service! Humor, local color and clever rhyming.

  2. Hello Anon,

    Ooh! Robert Service is one of my favorites, so thank you.



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  4. I guess one's view of life can be greatly distorted when observed through the belly button.

    The trouble with some people is that they cannot raise themselves up and must therefore put other people down. And because these people are mostly cowards, they like to make their attacks from the shadows, hiding in the darkness of anonimity.

    By removing the post, you have let "Anonymous" win. If you're half the woman I think you are this would not be sitting right and, right now, you are feeling like you've just swallowed something bitter.

    From the comments I read, your friends were obviously most UNOFFENDED by the poem, and I'm sure they would be more than willing to stand beside you and tell the flatulent-brained "Anonymous" to stick their opinion back from whence it came. (Here in Australia we simply say; "You're talking out your arse, mate.")

    Right now this person thinks he/she has scored some kind of victory. By re-posting the poem, you are destroying the illusion. If you also have managed to keep the original comments, post them as well. Then people will be able to see for themselves how this person hasn't got a clue. Effectively, hoist "Anonymous" by their own petard (or petar, if you prefer. Either will work).

    Cowards should never be allowed to win. Especially at the expense of the good. Don't let this clown stop you from doing that which you love.

    "Life's too short to die too soon."

    Live long and prosper.

    Peter Stone

    p.s. I could have simply sent this to you in an e-mail, but I'm not afraid to put my name to something that I believe to be right.

  5. Oh!

    A thought just occurred to me. (Don't worry, I'll take a Panadol later)

    Do you suppose "Anonymous" might be someone affiliated with the powers that are pushing for wind power in Maine, and is somewhat annoyed at your irritating ability to cut through the bull?

  6. Damn, CP! I love you and your Oz-omeness.

    You are right on-- every step of the way.

    My friends WERE supportive.

    My friends did NOT ask me to take the poem down.

    Two have already expressed dismay that I did such a thing.

    And yes... I knew in an instant who 'Anon' was--and your instincts were right. Anon cannot fight fairly. Anon is worried and angry--afraid that everyday citizens (like me) are going to successfully stop one of the biggest scams to come down the 'pike. Anon does not have science, economics or ethics on his side. Nor does Anon have courage. I knew that.

    If you saw the comments, you'll know I was prepared to leave the poem on GAG. I addressed Anon's comment, and then shrugged it off. Went back to my work. Didn't really let it bother me, because I am practiced in dealing with bullies and learned long ago that it is important not to let them 'win'.

    But then, I lost confidence. I worried that maybe I'd 'read' my friends wrong. I wondered if they thought I was a bit of a bully, myself, for immortalizing them in one of my silly poems without having their permission, first.

    Amongst my family members and my 'inner circle', such poems are requested all the time. My peeps LOVE to star in these things. They pester me to death to write them for every occasion under the sun. But the part of me who is a care-taker and a peace-maker (the largest part of 'me') worried-- because I didn't want to take even the slightest chance of offending those who were fictionalized and teased, because I wrote that poem and posted it without asking them, first. I wrote it because I love and admire them-- and those of us who know them would recognize that their caricatures in the poem are the exact opposite of who they really are.

    So, even though I didn't want to let Anon have the satisfaction, I made the judgement call to do my best to protect my friends' feelings, believing that was more important than leaving the poem posted on GAG.

    Again, my friend... you are right. I SHOULD have left it. Should have had more faith in myself, and in my friends. But tired, stressed and (did I mention, tired?) worried about doing harm to those I care about, I deleted it.

    I don't have the comments from that posting. I empty my trash every day. But I do have the poem.

    I'm going to go outside for a walk under the cold, pale moon and think about what you've said. The stars are within touching distance tonight-- and that always gives me peace. Please know, your words and insights are precious to me. Keep it up, and I just might write you into a poem. (Would you rather be a drunk, a simpleton, or an inept criminal?)

    Heh...I'm incorrigible. (Dammit...)