Sunday, January 31, 2016

Laying Down on the Job...

I’ve been laying down on the job…

After two years of ‘absence’ I’ve resolved to try to keep my blog, Grumbles and Grins [aka GAG] up-to-date.  “Life” took precedence over my writing career for awhile…but that’s life.  The good and the bad…and the ups and the downs.  My family had some tough struggles, beyond what would be considered ‘typical’…and we made it through.  My father passed away…and I am dealing with that in a way that I believe would make Dad proud.  I also accepted a life-changing opportunity that took me away from my family and home for 2 ½ months. 

But – for now, anyway -- things seem to be on an ‘even keel’ (gosh, I love a nautical play-on-words!) …and what better way to celebrate surviving and thriving than to take up my blog, once again!

In an effort to gain readership as I recommit myself to regular posting and as I move forward with several new writing projects, I am holding a contest.

My sometimes-co-author Saint is ‘on board’ with this contest.

To enter, all you have to do is “join” Grumbles and Grins (there’s a tab to click on the right-hand side of the blog’s screen) and “like” The Old Man and The Bee’s Facebook page.  Just two steps.

Easy Peasey!

The prize is pretty spectacular, in my opinion.  The winner will receive copies of ALL SIX of Saint’s and my published novels! HOLY SMOKES! 

Grumble Bluff, Ashes at Grumble Bluff and Home to Grumble Bluff (all authored by Yours Truly), The Eggless Club (by Eugene Saint) and Bee Dazzle and Following Seas (by the Old Man and the Bee…Saint and Kaz!)

The winner will be drawn on Valentine’s Day and at that time, I will contact the winner for your mailing address, and to find out if you want the novels autographed…and to whom!

Thank you so much for visiting, for liking, for following…and for supporting your local (and not so local) authors.

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