Friday, February 26, 2010

Thar She Blows! (Just an FYI...)

Hello, my grumbling and grinning friends! As some of you know, I have been immersed in Big Wind, lately. To the exclusion, it seems, of almost everything else...

This is just a quick announcement...

On Sunday, February 28th I, along with other members of the Friends of the Highland Mountains, will be conducting an informational meeting on the proposed industrial wind turbine development slated for the five mountain ridges in Highland Plantation. This meeting is an attempt to get the facts about these projects out to the general public. Although FHM was formed to specifically oppose this particular development destined for Highland, we are dedicated to 'getting the word out' to citizens all around the state. Many, many towns are being approached by Big Wind, and we do not want them blindsided by this issue.

Please help by educating yourselves, and feel free to take advantge of the multitude of information available... factual, testimonial, and unbiased. And if you'd like to join us this Sunday, please come to the upstairs meeting room at Longfellow's restaurant in Kingfield at noon. I'd love to see you there.

I'm bringing pie! Well, maybe not homemade...


  1. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. You don't have to agree with me on this subject, for I respect everyone's opinion. I do, however, reserve the right to try to change it!

    See you there, and remember...PIE!

  2. Apple, apple, apple, and... apple. Hehehe. I had to use 'em up before they got too wrinkly, don'tcha know!

    Oops...made that sound delicious, didn't I?


  3. Just want to congratulate Crooked Paw on winning the caption contest back a bit.
    Also refute the comment Ali g made about me there.
    Hey Ali I'm sure I gave you that money I owed you.

  4. Hehehe... now boys. Let's put it all in the past, shall we?

    Trev, maybe you'd like to judge the next contest? It's gonna be a doozy.

    Night, night.

  5. Well, thanks, Karen! You've just given the men of the world a great pick up line.

    "I have to use them up before they get too wrinkly."

    Maybe you could get a bumper sticker printed up.

    Use Them Up Before They Get Too Wrinkly.

    You know, I can see an entire franchise developing from this.

    Yok, yok, yok.

  6. Hahahahaha! CP!!! That's too funny!

    Perhaps you'd like to be poster boy? Spokesman??


  7. Snicker...

    I'm gonna do it! Who wants a bumper sticker???

    Do you dare me???


    Pee-Ess!! The word verification is 'penal'...hehehe. It must be full moon, or sumpin'!

  8. Oh Karen - I just love pie !!!
    Hopefully your offer brought in the crowds.....

    Congratulations also to C'paw - your acceptance speech was delightful !

    Gotta go now & check out the full moon....

  9. Hi, Dozy!

    So... how's the moon liik? It's been storming here since last Wednesday, so I haven't even caught a glimpse! grrrrrr

    A girl needs her moon, you know...

  10. Oops, should have proof-read. Hehe... I've worn the letters off this keyboard (and never learned to type...)

    So, how's the moon LOOK?

  11. Would you believe it - it was hidden by clouds......phht!
    Only thing out there to check on was the rain (and tonight's not looking promising either for star/moon gazing, sigh!) What else is a girl to do ???

  12. This is really weird... and email came in telling me you'd posted, here. But when I came over to reply... it's not here. Freaky...

  13. Even weirder is that I replied to you yesterday & it disappeared into cyberspace - weird things seem to be happening to our electronics lately........