Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not as Old as Terri

One of my very best friends has just returned home after spending her first winter in Florida as a Snowbird. I've missed Terri. More than she knows, and more than I imagined. And just because I love her so much, and want to welcome her home, I thought I would post this silly poem that I wrote for her. Once upon a time...

The microwave invention was a wondrous thing,
Heating food so fast on it’s turning ring,
Saying, “Supper’s ready!” with it’s little ding....
But-- it’s not as old as Terri.

Laptop computers-- now they are great!
You can get your work done while you’re out on a date.
Finish homework on the bus, so it’s not late...
Yet, they aren’t as old as Terri.

VCR’s have been around for ages,
Keeping kids from turning their book pages,
Creating movie experts- instead of sages...
Still-- they’re not as old as Terri.

Cell phones, cordless phones, even C.B.’s
Have helped us communicate with much more ease,
No operator connects us with her, “One moment, please...”
Yet-- they’re not as old as Terri.

We think of an 8-track as obsolete,
That scratchy music would just repeat,
While the miles flew by under tapping feet...
But-- it’s not as old as Terri.

Space exploration is nothing new,
It seems forever since we first flew,
From this little rock to the heavens blue...
Still-- it’s not as old as Terri.

Ziplocks, Velcro, turkeys in Maine,
Super fast, super-sonic aero-plane,
Magnetic, float-on-air commuter train...
None of these are as old as Terri.

But there’s something timeless about this friend of mine,
She’s pretty and vibrant, intelligent and fine,
And she continues to love me, though I sometimes whine,
“Yeah, well, I’m not as old as Terri!”

Welcome home, old friend. Hehehehe...

Terri is the lovely lady on the far right wearing the CROWN! Pffft! Well, she might have won the crown, but I'm still younger! (Love you, Ter!)


  1. "Old" TerriMay 9, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    Okay - so I would say we are even now for the April Fool's joke. Glad you missed me....even gladder ( is that a word???) to be home. See you soon I hope. Happy Mother's Day my dearest friend!

  2. EVEN? EVEN??????

    Babe, we ain't even CLOSE to being EVEN!

    heh heh heh...

    You need to be just a little bit nervous... just a little.

    Love you too. But in case you ever wondered, I always get even. (evil laugh, here.)

    See you this week, without question.

  3. chickens & chooks here..what you need is a good ole rooster to get the feathers flying

  4. Hmmmm...the advice of old roosters is always taken with a modicum of wariness. Those roosters do, after all, want to rule the roost. And Terri and I have seen just how well THAT works! Pffftt!

    (That's a really bad comb-over, by the way, Trev...)

    Hehehe. Nice to see you. I needed someone to pick on this morning. Woke up feeling a little kick-ass, for some reason.