Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 99th Post in the 11th Hour...

Wow. It was almost one year ago that I created Grumbles and Grins on the advice of my marketing coach. In the last 11 1/2 months I've written almost 100 articles to post to GAG. Some of them were simple, foolish, silly things designed to bring a smile to my readers. And a few of them were serious, and were intended to make people think about issues which are important in today's world.

In August of 2009, I was not yet embroiled in the effort to stop mountaintop industrial wind. Truthfully, I knew little about it. And when I was first told that Angus King and Rob Gardiner were going to put a "wind farm" on Highland's mountains, I thought it was most likely a good idea. After all, I believed what I'd heard and read in the media-- those words which the administration and the wind developers hope the public will take to heart and accept as truth. Words like 'renewable' and 'green', and phrases like 'reduce our dependence on foreign oil', 'strengthen our national security' and 'help reduce global warming'. What was not to like?

And then, in October, I went to a meeting at the little one-room schoolhouse in Highland Plantation and listened as Rob Gardiner outlined Independence Wind's plans for Stewart, Witham and Bald Mountains, and Burnt and Briggs Hills. More importantly, I listened to the questions asked by those in attendance. And I recorded the forum, too, so that I could have a record of all that was said.

I began to have concerns about the wisdom of such a development. So did many others. Folks began to read up on the problems surrounding other wind developments, both here in Maine, and around the globe. One month later, the Friends of the Highland Mountains was formed in a small living room in Lexington Township; the tiny community adjacent to Highland Plantation. For me, this was a 'first'. I've never been officially involved in any 'activism', per se. I've always voted. And I've always made an effort to educate myself on that which was to be decided in the voting booth. I had always encouraged others to exercise their right and responsibility to 'have a say', and I'd written a few editorials when an issue seemed to warrant a bit of extra attention. But I'd certainly never waged an all-out campaign like the one in which I am now involved.

Why am I doing this? It's certainly not because it's enjoyable. I sometimes think I'd rather get a poke in the eye with a sharp stick than to be doing what I'm doing. This type of effort is all-consumming, because the opposition has money, power and influence. They also have very few scruples. But scruples are something which the Friends of the Highland Mountains DO have. It's easier for us in that regard. Because, you see, we have the FACTS on our side. In order to even scratch the surface of this important issue and get the facts of the matter out to the people of Maine, it takes a tremendous amount of time and resources, and committments from many, many people. We've been so fortunate with our human resources. Many folks from around this state have joined together to protect our natural resources, as well as our wildlife, our quality of place and life, our economy... and our right to 'have a say'.

As an American, I was incensed when I realized how much information was being kept from me and my fellow citizens. I was enraged as I discovered the amount of corruption that is imbedded in my government. And I was appalled at the amount of disinformation and downright lies which were being floated to THE PEOPLE in the hopes that we would accept those lies and roll over quietly. Our administration and the Wind Industry do not want THE PEOPLE to have the cold, hard facts about the misguided and expensive plan to erect 350+ miles of massive wind turbines along Maine's beautiful and unique high-terrain areas.

For if THE PEOPLE knew the truth, they would stop their plan in its tracks!

So, that's what we've been trying to do-- tell the truth. We've written letters to the editor, and articles for magazines. We've gone out into the surrounding towns and given out written information, DVD's and links to other resources.

We've also spoken with some of the gubernatorial candidates and three out of four of our congresssional delegates. We've been trying to educate the general public on the science and economics of Industrial Wind. The facts say: IT DOESN'T WORK. The facts say there are very few redeeming qualities to industrial wind, and that the negative impacts far outweigh the positive benefits. You've heard me say it all before. Ad nauseum. But because our opposition spreads half-truths and sugar-coated tales of the salvation of our planet through wind energy plants, we have to work even harder to debunk those standard tag lines. We have to be tenacious. We have to be committed to being in this for the long haul. And we have to be brave.

This isn't a game. And we aren't selfish people. If anything, I am convinced that our membership is made up of many selfless people who give up their time and money-- and sometimes, their peace of mind-- to do what we believe is RIGHT. What we are is a group of people who are fighting to spread the facts-- the TRUTH-- about this and other industrial wind projects, before our mountaintops are altered and our way of life is gone.

If you are not yet convinced that industrial wind development is a mistake for Maine, I encourage you to contact me at or call me at (207)628-2070. I would be happy to share what I've learned from experts in every field pertaining to this topic. Rest assured, there will be no pressure. I believe-- and have found-- that every citizen who has been empowered with the facts agrees that the governor's plan is a colossal mistake for the state of Maine. Only those with some kind of a financial stake hold out for 'wind'... and I understand that. I don't like it, but I understand it. Whichever way you lean, you have the right to factual information, and I encourage all citizens to make up their own minds, from a position of knowledge.

My next posting will be my one-hundredth. How wonderful it would be if it was an article announcing that LURC had denied Trans-Canada's application to develop the high-terrain ridges of Sisk, in our Boundary Moutains, which cast their wild and unspoiled shadows over western Maine's Chain of Ponds!

Cartoons courtesy of Windtoons.
Photos courtesy of ME.


  1. Hey Karen,

    I hope your 100th posting is an article announcing the LURC denial !!
    You & your FOTHM friends certainly deserve some good news in favour of all your efforts !

    There was an expose on one of our current affairs programs (I think it was 60 minutes) concerning one of the wind farms here in Oz & the debilitating way it has affected residents & our own wildlife. None of us can afford to allow those corrupt developers & polititians to continue with their programs to the detriment of nature & the community.

    You should all be so proud of all your hard work & commitment in bringing the TRUTH to evryone's attention !

    Good luck & I am looking forward to hundreds more of your postings on 'GAG' - you brighten my day for sure.

  2. Ah, Dozy.... you are a breath of fresh air, as always. (Even after it's traveled 10,000 miles!)

    I just read something called "The Dean Report" which hails from Oz. I should post that on here, too. It may be what you are referring to... how a wind "farm" caused detrimental health effects to those living in the vicinity of it...

    There is so much information out there, but the general public simply doesn't have the time to look into it. So.... that's where folks like us come into the picture.

    Now... you are already living in my tomorrow morning... How's it looking, sweetheart? Should I look forward to it, or stay in bed? (Have you smacked FRED, recently? That always brings me a smile...)


  3. The sun's out, at least for the moment, & FRED seems to be behaving so far (think it might have something to do with last night's smack....heheh). As for the rest of the day it's just work & chores......phht.
    Looks like it would be a good day to play hookey.....

    I haven't read 'The Dean Report' but it does sound as if it could have something to do with the expose on TV - I'll see if I can find & read it myself.


  4. I'll send you the link... got it somewhere here. Give me a few... I'm reading something I promised a writer I'd read...

    Be back with you as soon as I can...

  5. Thanks sweetie.

    Have a good evening/night/sleep.....


  6. Well I for one am very glad that you, and GAG are spreading the word about this mistake that is Mountaintop Industrial Wind. Someone needs to spread the TRUTH, and our politicians and mainstream media certainly aren't doing it.

    Kick ass and take names, Kaz! We're right here with you! :)

    [Oh yah, and I also enjoy the lighter side of GAG, too. ;)]

  7. As a member of Friends of the Highland Mountains for many months, I am very aware and appreciative of the efforts put forth by many in the group. However, none can compare with the effort you put forth each and every day to keep us on track and motivated. You and the rest of the Board members work very diligently to make sure we are getting the facts out to the public and not just hearsay; and to lead us in the right direction in our efforts to combat the threat to our way of life. Our DVD is wonderful and moving and tells the story of Highland Plantation and some who live there in the shadow of the Highland Mountains which are being targeted by "Big Wind." Thank you for your efforts and thank you to all Mainers who join us in trying to prevent the travesty proposed for our mountains.

  8. Hullo, DC. :o)

    "Kick a$$ and take names", huh? Heh... I believe I recently told you I was busier than a one-legged a$$-kicker, and now you wanna give me more??

    Oh, fine! It's more fun than being a one-armed paper-hanger, that's for sure.


    Our awesome membership is the reason this group is so effective, and why we will ultimately win this battle to keep industrial wind off the mountains of Highland (and beyond!) Ethical people armed with the facts make an awesome force to be reckoned with, I reckon!

    Thanks for all you do (and keep doing it, will you?)


  9. Hey, Anon! (May I call you Anon? I figure if you're a member of the FHM's, I've probably hugged or kissed you at least once... or spilled something on you, or embarrassed you in public, or tripped over you... so I should be able to call you by the nick-name, huh?)


    That was a very kind and sweet thing to say. However, I know for a fact that EACH member-- not just those on the Board of Directors-- contributes greatly to the success of our group. And every one of you make the FHM's an organization to be proud of.

    When we're old(er) and gray(er), we'll look back on this experience as a time of incredible personal growth, as well as a defining time in the history of our small rural community.

    It will also be great to be able to look at those Highland Mountains and say..."We saved them. And we took back our power to have a 'say'".

    Thanks for weighing in. And... sorry about the... um, you know... It was an accident, I swear!

    Heh... Love you, Anon!