Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Driza-Bone-- the Coat, but not my Eyes

I can’t believe he’s gone. I can’t believe I could become so attached to someone after knowing him for only a month. I’d written letters to him, yes. And spoken to him on the telephone when he called from Australia… but I met him for the first time just four short weeks ago.

It was hug at first sight.

Larry is a good guy. A really good guy. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m pretty adept at “reading” people. I can tell a lot about a person’s essence by shaking his hand and looking into his eyes. “His” eyes are blue, and clear as a September sky. I glimpsed a few cirrus clouds low on the horizon, but they were wispy strands that I, myself, am familiar with, and so I was at ease.

We have much in common. We share similar philosophies, and we differ—respectfully—in stance on some important issues. Larry isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, and neither am I. That trait we share made for some stimulating conversations. And a whole month full of laughs.

Larry gave me a great deal. I’d never eaten a scallop until he ordered some for me in a restaurant in Greenville. I’d never eaten in a Kentucky Fried Chicken, either, until he pulled his rental car into the franchise in Waterville.

I hadn’t visited Togus-- my own state’s Veteran’s hospital—until I accompanied my friend to Augusta.

I’d never received a parking ticket… until I bragged about it to Larry. I’d never owned a sapphire, either. He didn’t even know they were my birthstone until he gifted me with the jewelry and I told him so.

I’d never been to Shirley, Maine—but now I have a dozen new friends in that tiny town. I’d never been to Rockwood, either, or Blanchard. I’d certainly never had a meal cooked for me by a man and served with nonchalance and a smile… just like that was a perfectly natural thing to do.

And I never had a really cool coat. Now… I do. Larry gave me his DrizaBone riding coat on his last day in Maine. It’s a little big, but not by much. And it is something that he really loved, which makes the gift extra special.

That’s what my mate Larry brought, and that’s what he was. A gift. And I miss him dreadfully, already.

But isn’t this a really cool coat?


  1. Your new coat looks good Karen !
    (I've got one just like it except mine's green)
    Your friend Larry sounds wonderful - and he cooks

  2. I'm glad I got a chance to meet Larry while he was here in Maine. Seemed like a real good guy.

    I still think you should send that photo to the folks at Dillion Precision. Might get you an invitation out there for a photo shoot! ;)

  3. Hey, Dozy! I should have known you'd have a 'cool' coat. Send me a picture!

    And yep.. he cooks. Quite well. Of course, now he's gone HOME. Dang it...

    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss.

  4. DC... you make me smile. What a sweetie. But as you can see... I am NOT "cover girl" material.

    Still... you make me smile. I think I'll keep you.


  5. Hey, great post & cool pics, Kazza. Or should I call you Wyatt Burp :)

    Got your email and I'll reply in a wee while - some painting to finish outside before the predicted rain comes tomorrow.

    Can't wait to meet Larry when he's back here in Brisbane - sounds like just the sort of guy I'd be able to sit nattering with about nothing at all; a cold beer or three, seared scallops, sunshine. Yup, my kind of mate.

    Right, gotta skoot :)

    Good luck at that meeting (in Augusta?).


  6. Hey, Ramsay. Yep, gotta get the painting done before the wet. I'm patient. You know from first-hand experience how patient I am. Right?


    After all, I've put up with your shenanigans for ages now, haven't I? (I can so run faster than you can! Pbbbttt!)


    Tomorrow's meeting is in Portland-- the "City of Tickets". Miserable folks, if you ask me... picking on a poor country gal like that. Perhaps tomorrow I'll go for the biathalon, and get my very first speeding ticket to add to my collection.


    Nice to see you, Jack. And yep... Larry's just the guy to sit and relax with. But remember! He's known for his wild exaggerations, and you can only believe about half of what he says! And I GET TO CHOOSE WHICH HALF!!! (Forgive me, Larry. It's my self-preservation instinct kicking in...)

  7. With that Luger in your south paw you look like one of the Kelly gang...

  8. The Kelly gang... they were GOOD GUYS, right? Because I'm definitely a good guy!

    The reason for the WWI era 9mm Luger will be explained, if I can ever find the time to write another posting to GAG. But I am most definitely one of the good guys.

  9. and there she is ...walking out of the woods with a smile on her face, a gun in her hand and wearing Larry's coat.
    Makes you wonder..... what the hecks happenned to Larry....??

  10. You're right, Trev, it does kind of make you wonder......... I think from now on, I'll let her walk in front of me if we are in the woods! After all, her hat is getting a little rough around the edges, and she might just decide to add my really cool hat to Larry's really cool coat................... ;)

  11. Now DC! Behave yourself! If I'm not mistaken, you seem to make a point of walking in FRONT of me wherever we go! Not sure if it's because you want me three paces behind like a good woman should be, or if you're hoping I'll appreciate the view?

    (I'm really making you squirm now, aren't I? Serves you right, for saying such a thing!)

    Let's remember this: Larry GAVE me his cool coat.

    I really do like that hat, you know...

    Snicker.... don't mess with me, kid. You'll never win-- unless I take pity on you and allow it!

    Trev...I'll deal with YOU later! Gotta go show property!


  12. Larry GAVE you his cool coat.....yeh..right...

    better watch out could end up hatless any day now and pushing up daisies deep in the woods somewhere next to poor old Larry

    so no more 3 paces in front please DC she's a bad 'un this girlie. if it's not your hat she pinches it'll be your bottom for sure....

    showing property is she?? yeh..I bet....probably digging your plot right now...

  13. Snort! Trev, you are mighty brave from a position several thousand miles from here, aren't you?

    I actually DID show property-- in the RAIN! And I had a cool and sexy coat to keep me dry. I dug not a single hole, but I did step in Canada goose pooh. A small family with juveniles had stopped at the pond on the property and were making themselves at home...

    Anyway, I came by my coat honestly, just as I will eventually come by my felt hat with the cocky feather in it. But I don't expect to take possession of that until DC (whose butt I have never pinched) is finished with it, or has moved on to more noble head gear.

    Now, if I can find the time, I will tell you exactly WHY I was 'carrying' when that photo was taken. Stay tuned.


  14. got a feather in it has it..

  15. Well I suppose a good woman should walk three steps behind, but if you enjoy the view at the same time, just consider it a bonus. I'm a nice guy that way, you know. ;)

    I'm sure Larry did GIVE you the coat. I mean, heck, if you had a Luger in your hand, I'd probably GIVE you my hat too!

    [Oh man, I bet I've done it now! Trev, you should be glad that you live over the ocean, and not just over the Mountain! You might consider praying for me. And if you see Karen wearing my [really cool] hat, well, might just be healthier for you if you didn't mention it..............]

  16. Oh, come ON!!!

    I am the most harmless woman I know!

    As long as you stay on my good side. (Which DC knows is in front of me...)

    Snort! Now cut it out. Why can't you men believe that I was simply the sweetest thing Larry had ever come across in all his world travels, and he wanted to gift me with something personal? (Either that, or he couldn't fit it in his backpack, OKAY???? Sheesh...)

    Go read today's posting, and you'll see why I had the danged Luger. Pffft.

    (Love you idiots...)

  17. "As long as you stay on my good side. (Which DC knows is in front of me...)"

    Is that so you can enjoy the view?

    OK, OK, I'll be good. [I mean, after all, you ARE the one with the gun.........]

    But seriously, I understand why Larry gave you the coat. If I couldn't smuggle my hat on the plane with me, there is no one that I would rather see have it, either! ;)

  18. Aw, what a nice thing to say! (It's been published on the world-wide web, kiddo! No taking it back, now!)

    You've made me smile, again. You'd better cut it out, or you'll ruin my tough-guy image.