Thursday, August 19, 2010

"It's All About That View"...

“It's all about that view,” Baldacci said, staring out over the tops of trees at Mooselookmeguntic Lake and the Bemis Mountain Range.

“That view says 'Maine,'" Baldacci said. "It gives people an inspiration and it's going to be that way forever.”

But... it's NOT going to be that way forever. Not if Governor Baldacci has his way. The governor is directly responsible for LD2283, the "Expedited Wind Permitting Law" which removed the public's right to object to a wind turbine development based on its scenic impact.

This law can be view in its entirety at :

It is unconscionable that our administration has sold our mountaintops to industrial wind developers, who had a direct hand in writing this misguided law. One example of how a wind developer contributed to the fashioning of this law can be found at:

These two documents tell a story that few Mainers are aware of.

Governor Baldacci is selective in what bit of view says "Maine". When he wants money for a scenic turn-out, then the view from there of Mooselook and beyond is priceless, and has value--not only in its beauty, but in its economic draw. But if he wants money from industrial wind (or 'energy'... the field in which he hopes to work once his term is up in January) then the view of mile upon mile upon mile of 400-foot tall turbines and mile after mile after mile of high voltage transmission corridors must also say "Maine".

Governor Baldacci needs to stop being so selective and make up his mind. Or better yet, since he's proven over and over again to the people of this state that he does not have the ability to put that mind to work for the betterment of the citizens and the natural resources of Maine, he should resign now.

Please, sir. Resign... while this is still, "Maine... the way life SHOULD be".

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