Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Potty!

It has been AGES since I've held a contest on GAG!  Ages since I've had any type of writing fun, at all.  So...I'm gonna have a contest!

A "Photo Caption" contest.  

I snapped this photo in Kingfield, in the parking lot of "Trantens Too"... a popular convenience store, take-out and gas station.

Surely, you can come up with a funny caption for this photo?  Or... how about this version of it?
I have faith in you!  Come up with a caption, and enter it as a comment to this blog entry.  On December 11th, I'll have my pal Saint choose the one he likes best (unless he enters, himself--which I don't think he'll do...except that the prize is so....unique?  Coveted, even??  Hah!  Well, if Saint enters the contest, I'll have my oldest son Guy choose the winner.  He never reads the stuff his lame-oh mother writes!)

The winner will receive a DVD of the 'comedy show' I performed at Nostalgia Tavern in November of 2009.  Not a single copy of this show has been released anywhere (and there's good reason for that!!)  Listening to myself afterwards was PAINFUL!  Excruciating.  All I can say is... Thank God the crowd was drinking!!
Enter my contest and win--and I'll release one copy of that fund-raising show to you. It will be NON-copyable (is that a word?)  After all, I can't go around being a total bonehead to just anyone, can I?  Ugh...

Please enter.  What have you got to lose? Your dignity?  Nope.  I've got that one in the bag.

Okay!  This didn't work.  So... at the suggestion of one of my Australian friends, who is an expert on...well, to hear him tell the story-- he's an expert on everything that I'm not-- (which allows him a fairly large repertoire!) I'm 'expanding' the contest (and writing a tremendously long run-on sentence, too!)

Below is a photo which will be easy to write captions for--and there is nothing in it to prompt any political zingers.  I guess....  (We try to save those for VOW...)

Here you go.  I'm closing this down on January 8th, and someone will get a prize.
Enter a caption in the comments section, please???

Thank you and Happy New Year from the crew at The F.A.R.M.--where there's Fresh Air and Room to Move!


  1. Well, we've had our first entry into the contest, and I'd like to say 'thank you' to the gent who played. Your entry has been noted, but I--in my God-like capacity as Mistress of Grumbles and Grins--have deleted it.


    I'm not a fan of censorship, but I worried that your comment might be hurtful, and that's why I decided to hide it. I'd prefer if this contest stayed FUN and didn't veer into anything 'political' or 'personal'.

    I hope you understand.

    Please don't let that keep you from entering again, okay?



  2. For when you've really got the runs.


  3. And I thought my job was crappy...

  4. Even as a kid, Jimmy was always sticking his nose into other peoples' business.


  5. CP and Dozy... thank you! I've been terribly frustrated because I haven't been able to access any sites on the internet--not even my own blogs--since yesterday. And who knows how long it will last, now that I'm here? Grrrr.....

    I've gotta tell you, Mr. (or is it missus?) Paw...your second entry made me laugh out loud--and I needed that. THANK YOU! "Other peoples' business"...hehehe. This was a day that started poorly and even though it improved as time went on... still, there was nothing to LAUGH about.

    You gave me that gift. Thanks, my friend.

    And Doz? Your job IS crappy (but in a different way, methinks...). You need a raise. Tell the boss-man I said so and I'd be happy to discuss your value with him if he'd care to give me a call. You've got my number!

    Good night (I mean,good early afternoon!) to you both.

    Mmwaah! (Oh, for crying out loud! That's a kiss, okay? Sheesh...)


  6. Hey gorgeous

    CP is sure gonna be too hard to beat I think, he/she always manages something brilliant & witty - however, we haven't heard anything from Trev yet.....

    Meanwhile 'The Boss' is treading warily at the moment but I doubt a raise will be in the picture any time soon - he can't even arrange a Certificate for 10 years service (and it's almost 12 years now) although there was a (brief) mention of sending me on a holiday to Africa to keep me happy.......sigh, that promise will probably end up in the same place as my Certificate

    I hope your day/s improve !!

    Smooches and 'loads xxxx..

  7. Och, it's the Beauty Down Under.

    Hello, Dozycow!! Comment ca va, au jourd'hui?

    You were on my mind today while I took an older lady to run her errands in town... I saw something (small) that screamed DOZY--so I had to get it for you. I'll wrap it in a little Christmas paper and send it winging south. And east (or... west, depending on which way it turns when it leaves my mailbox...)


  8. Excellent food..Custom seating... inquire within

  9. Bourbon, beer and beans night at the Pease farm.


  10. "Angus King Parks His RV Outside of "Trantens Too". It Doubles As His Podium For Extolling the Wonders of Wind Power."

    Well, I'm glad to see that we are staying away from posting anything 'hurtful, politcal or personal.'

  11. Hi, guys.

    It's been a busy weekend and I'm just now catching up on my emails. I'm sorry to say that the 'non-essential' ones get booted to the end of the line.

    Thanks to all who've entered. As I read along here, you've given me some grins. Those are rare, these days-- so thank you very much.

    It's been a tough week. We've had family emergencies, and two close friends have lost special people-- a mother... and a best friend. Mr. Grumbles and Josie-Earl have been sick and we've adopted two babies from south of the border. So please forgive me for being less than attentive.

    Have a wonderful December 5th. If Bami and Bappa (my paternal grandparents) were still alive, it would be their 86th wedding anniversary. :o)

    Of course, if Jesus were alive, He'd be 2011.

    Hugs from here.

  12. Hey, gang.

    Wow... am I behind, here!

    Originally, I'd planned to end the potty contest on Sunday (that's Sunday the 11th--2 days ago!) But I--in godess-like fashion--am extending the deadline to enter. I didn't coordinate with the old man who was gonna judge, and I haven't had the time to 'market' the contest, either. Plus, I've had to deal with boys and their shenanigans....always, ALWAYS with the shenanigans!

    Anyhoo, please enter again--as many times as you'd like. By reading the entries thus far, it's obvious I could whup the pants off youse guys. :o) It was just such a contest that brought me Dozy and CP, as a matter of fact. (No doubt, CP will chime in here and say "it was just such a contest WHICH brought me...."


    Love and hugs from the hills at the 45th N lat!

  13. Several captions come to mind:

    Stevie is NOT impressed with his new house-mate!

    Too big to be a squirell--too small to be a dog--what the heck is it?

    I wonder if they'll notice if I just eat the yappy little thing?

    There goes the neighborhood!

    When I left Tennessee, they didn't tell me that I was moving to the land of giant cats!

    Mexican--American relations seem to have hit an impass.....