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Grumble Bluff--the Story Continues

Life is full of surprises.  Four years ago I was eagerly anticipating the publication of my first novel, Grumble Bluff.  My 'plan' was to begin to write full-time, if possible.  I've always wanted to be a novelist and I envisioned finally achieving my dream.  But... life is full of surprises.  Three years ago my focus necessarily changed and my writing was put on the back burner.

I'm hoping that will change in the near future.  I've written two sequels to Grumble Bluff and have a third rattling around in my head, begging to be allowed out.  Soon, I hope.  Soon...

If you haven't read Grumble Bluff, I hope you will consider giving it a look.  If you have read it, maybe you'll read it again?  Here are a few comments from some folks who gave me the honor of reading my first novel.



Eugene Saint on: Grumble Bluff

Grumble Bluff is an intricate and soul-searching study in the relationship between two young tweens, cursed – but also bound – by their social status. It is a wonderful story about the true meaning of friendship – through the best of times and the worst. A story of both ignorance and of deep compassionate understanding set against the sometimes cruel realities of being that age.

OK enough of that... here’s the deal. Karen Bessey Pease will keep you rolling with her wit and observational humor. This book is a hoot. She’s a hoot. But then – and you know damn well it’s coming – she rips out your heart and holds it still beating before your eyes. She is vicious. I’m a tough old bird; I’ve raised eight kids and served two tours in Combat Infantry; this book broke my heart. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

My four daughters are going to love this book probably just because they’re girls. My four sons are going to love this book just because they’re not. I suppose for that to make any sense at all... you’ll have to read the book – I did. This has best-seller written all over it. All through it. This is the diamond in the heap and I feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across Grumble Bluff. Something tells me I have Jack Ramsay to thank for that. I owe him – and trust me, he’ll get what’s coming to him.

Once in a very long while you read a book, hear a story, watch a movie and you know it will be with you forever. This is one of those. It’s made that way by Ms. Pease’s command of each scene. This is a book you hear – a story you see. A world in which, at least at some point, we’ve all played a part. I hope you won’t regret your role.

Eugene Saint

WOW!  That's all I can say.  WOW!

 I just spent 3 1/2 hours, almost to the minute, reading Grumble Bluff.  Knowing you as I do, I expected some laughs.  And having read the reviews, I expected some emotional scenes.  But 3 1/2 hours later, all I can say is, WOW!

You've done something that very few people can do;  you got blood from a stone, you proved I am human, you brought tears to my eyes, and less than  a paragraph later, you made me laugh!  WOW!

 I'm sure I'll have more to say later, but for now I only have one thought to pass on;  If a year from now you are still selling real estate, instead of spending all your time writing, or signing books, you need a better agent!

No Bull, you're an amazing writer!

Concord Twp., Maine


“Reading Grumble Bluff from cover to cover was an absolute privilege. I’ve seldom encountered prose that reads as smoothly, and I felt in the opening few chapters that Karen Bessey Pease’s writing had assumed the shape of a magnificently comfortable sofa while she introduced me to two of the most down-to-earth and engaging characters you’re ever likely to meet.” 

And…  Your talents are obvious. In the space of a few paragraphs, you persuade me to laugh, then brought me to the verge of tears, without forcing me into either. That's gifted writing, and I thank you for the experience and pleasure of reading your work. What you've got is a masterpiece to rival… Proulx and Picoult, Amy Tan and Geraldine Wooler.”  Jack Ramsay, author, Brisbane, Australia

“The story easily transcends the beauty and working-class reality of its western Maine setting; it gives life to the everyday concerns of families trying to keep their children safe and help them make the tough transition to young adulthood. Author Karen Bessey Pease writes Katherine Anne's story in the first person with an impeccable youthful "voice." Katherine Anne and Greta are smart, tough, tender and silly. They are grounded by their time in the Bluff. Their sadness and joy will be yours while you're in the pages of Grumble Bluff This is a book ideal for adults or young readers. If you are looking for a story about real issues, infused with the simple magic of friendship and the healing beauty of nature, grab Grumble Bluff and prepare to love it.”  Linda Bulger, Amazon Reviewer, Avon, ME   

“Finally, a story for young folks where the conjuring comes from the heart, not a wand! I loved the two main characters in this book - genuine, yearning, promising gals. I'm looking forward to the sequel.”   Firestarter, reviewer on Amazon

“Well, Karen, what can I say? I've finished Grumble Bluff and I can't but believe it will be a best seller. You've taken a simple idea and developed it to perfection. Surely, if there is any justice in the literary world you will soon be famous!”  J. Rupe Boyd, author, The Heart Reader, Ohio

“This is absolutely delightful, you have totally captured this 12 year old girl's angst, but done it with such finesse and such humour… I just love this too much… It is a completely effortless read.”  Alexandra Stopford, author, God’s Away on Business

“Not fair. First you make me fall out of my chair laughing… and then, not ten minutes later I'm dripping tears so that my eyes got all blurry and I had to stop, take off my glasses, blow my nose and breathe. This is a fabulous book … it is a beautiful story and if my lips ever make it to His will be talked about in classrooms for generations to come. Really, really well done, Karen!” - Lesley Barker, author, Pastor’s Ex-Wife, Kentucky

“I love your easy going writing style. I really feel like I'm seeing the world through Kathy's eyes. What a magnificent achievement that is. I was a super skinny kid, but I can certainly relate to the taunts that she endures.”  Tyler Adams, author, In Search of Me and Alex, Canada

“Karen, I've read…this compelling and engaging story. Loved it.   Your characters are nicly (sic) developed and very believable. The writing is crisp and easy to follow, and the story does a great job of pulling the reader along.”  Michael Croucher, author, Through Bravo's Veil

“The scenes of bullying, with those all-too-familiar patterns of mob behaviour among children, are harrowing. Also painful to read was the parents' half-hearted responses, the feeling that the behaviour the girl suffers is somehow her own fault. This is strong stuff that most people will identify with.  I liked the introduction to the forest scenes the most - the love of the natural world, the peace to be derived from it. I particularly enjoyed the description of dissolution and decay as being a natural process. Buddhists will love you for that!   All in all a smashing read…” Pat Black, author, Snarl, UK

“I love this book...your story has me hooked! I love, love, LOVE Kathy and when my daughter … is old enough this book is a must read because the message is so good. ..  I am so emotionally connected to your book that… I started to cry and had to re-read a page! I really care about your characters and that is a compliment to your writing!  This book is really well done… You are like a new Judy Bloome”   

 And then:  “I finished reading Grumble....Loved it, made me cry, and you really shocked me with the twist at the end! Excellent writing and left me wanting more!  My best friend… was raving about your book this morning I told her you are working on more and she said she wants to know as soon as possible when she can buy the next! You have a following already.”  Jana Viles Pease, reader and mother, North Anson, Maine

I just finished your book last night and I just loved it!  Great job and I can't wait till the sequel.  I told my daughter that she has to read it as well.  You brought me to tears in the book… Not many books bring me to tears----KUDOS!!  Very touching story and I plan to send a copy to my step-daughter, she will love the story as well.   I just thought you would love some feedback--not that you don't get any, but it is always great to get a pat on the back.  Consider yourself patted.  Crystal Trenholm, reader, Kingfield, ME

“That Writer Pease is an accomplished writer proficient for producing intensely eloquent imagery is evident as the reader treks through the fragrant woods along with Kathy and Greta to sit with them and listen to the splashing of the brook.  Grumble Bluff helps tweens understand that there can be hope and life can be better. Grumble Bluff is a work for the counselor’s shelf, parents and kids to read together and classroom.”  Molly Martin, Molly’s Reviews

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