Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the winner is....It CAN'T be!!!!!

But it is!!!!

That Clever Captionistro, Ali g!!!

My judge received all the entries without names. They were numbered, only. She's never read my blog. (What ails that woman, anyway?) And she's never heard of Ali g.

And yet...and yet, she chose his entry as her very favorite for my photo to the right.

What talent, what raw, unadulterated TALENT that man has! Three for three! Holy moly, what a man!

So, Ali g... who shall I be writing this most excellent poem for? The lovely wife? The favored cat? Or, do I get to choose? Hehe. This will be fun!

Congratulations, my friend. (You REALLY should have bet on that horse race, yesterday! $120 million up for grabs!!!)

Oh, Ali g!

The above photo is of Tigger, relaxing after a long day of bossing Ali g around.


  1. That's brilliant news Ali g - Congratulations !!
    You should go out immediately & buy some lottery tickets while you're on a roll.....

  2. ali g stood on the deck his back against the mast
    he wouldn't move an iota until Karen has walked past.
    But Karen was a smoothie and to Ali threw a plum
    And when he bent to pick it up she kicked his bottom.
    This is why I am delighted to win a poem...I need some help in finishing my rythmes.
    So once again thank you judges, ball boys and linesmen & ladies for your obviously unbiassed and intelligent insight into judging the worthy winner.
    I am truly humble [as usual] in once more being the best there is...

  3. Humble you are, and you have every right to be, young man!


    So...I'm anxious, I'm excited!
    I'm ready to compose!
    I want to know what topic
    Will stir my lilting prose!

    Will it be love poem that I'll write
    For dreamy Ali g?
    Or tale of dashing heroes
    Set out on storm-tossed sea?

    (Your bottom I will bravely kick...
    No need to toss a plum!
    With legs as long as mine are
    Friend Ali I'll outrun!

    Except, I've heard this man who leans
    So idle, 'gainst the mast
    Frankly likes that kind of thing--
    That kicking of his ass.)

    But wait--I am digressing!
    And my rhyming isn't clear!
    It is so hard to concentrate
    When thinking of his rear!

    Oh, Lord! It is apparent...
    I think I'm doomed this morn!
    He's sent me on a tangent
    And I'm writing 'Ali Porn'!

    My friend, you'd better save me quick!
    Give me a subject tame!
    'Grumble' is a tale for teens!
    I MUST keep my good name!

    Your attitude is humble...
    Your backside, it is bold!
    But give me theme that's boring
    My rep I must uphold!

    I beg you, I beseech you!
    Please! Mention not your butt!
    So I can write a poem to SHARE
    Instead of Ali smut!

    I want to give you rhythm,
    I want to give you rhyme.
    I want to write a sonnet
    That stands the test of time.

    And so, to keep my focus--
    Keep mind from off your bod...
    I'll write an ode to Wookie,
    To Tigger and to Claude!

    To date, a puss has never starred
    In any poem I've written.
    I guess it's time a masterpiece
    Was made up for a kitten.

    I hope I haven't failed you
    But it's your fault, you know!
    You had to lean against the mast!
    You had to 'bottom' show!

    And so, I will be quiet.
    This effort has been dicey.
    I think I'll take a shower now
    With water cold and icy!

    Heh. It's awfully early in the day to be brilliant, as evidenced here in this comment portion of 'And the winner is...' But I am tickled to death to have the honor of composing a poem for friend Ali g-- that humble man, that pathetic poet.

    Thanks again to all the entrants! And thanks to my dear friend Kay for her hard work and discerning eye. She knows a winner when she sees it!