Thursday, November 26, 2009

Visiting (after sneaking up on) My Friend Down Under

It's Thanksgiving. An American holiday. Some people have taken the day off to rest and relax and eat themselves into oblivion. Perhaps that's what I should have done. But I'm a writer. I'm not content--my day isn't full--unless and until I've written something. A short story, a poem, a long letter to a friend.


But I had no inspiration for a story. I wrote a poem, 'The Urine Man', just two days ago. And the friends I usually write to are either too busy to read my meanderings, or resting up from a day of over-indulgence. And so...

Tonight, I wrote a blog entry. However, I snuck up on my pal Jack and posted it on Down Under Dunder, rather than here on GAG. When he sees it, he may delete it, for it's a bit bawdy. A bit 'Kazza'. And that's a chance I'm willing to take. Jack knows I won't get offended if he does. Not REALLY offended. And not for long!

So, my friends...if you want to read what I wrote on this Thanksgiving Day 2009, perhaps you'd better hurry over to DUD. If I did it correctly, all you have to do is click on the underlined 'Down Under Dunder', up above. If I DIDN'T do it right, then the link is posted over on the right-hand side. One way or another, I'll get you there.

And for the record, my husband took offense at my posted article. Mr. Grumbles thinks my perspective is WRONG, and that it could have happened to ANYONE. And I? I can't believe he'd admit that!

Happy Thanksgiving! And remember, there's still time to make plans to attend my comedy show for charity tomorrow night. Hope to see you there!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Karen!
    I checked out DUD & had a good long chuckle - very funny......your friends at the Tavern are in for a real treat tonight.
    I'll be thinking of you & rooting for you (in the nicest possible way of course)!!
    Cheers from Dozy xxx..

  2. Hey Dozy!

    Thanks so much for traveling over to DUD, and most especially, fo saying you got a laugh. That's it was the WHOLE POINT of writing that foolish thing!

    I wonder if it's still's been twelve hours, now, and so it's already lasted longer than I thought it would! Hehe. My pal Jack...

    So, you've gotta tell me, true! Don't YOU think that was an assinine thing to do? Doesn't it seem completely idiotic? Or can you empathize with Mr. Grumbles, and understand COMPLETELY how such a thing could happen?

    I think we need the perspective of some of the guys, too...Ali g, Chris The Man, even Trev (that oughta be good!)

    Hope you're sleeping sweet as I write. Come again!


  3. Had to pop over from Authonomy as I wanted to know where you live....the rocks you describe sounded very like those I encountered on Cape Ann in Mass (where my brother lives) fact they call them 'whale rocks'....see you're a bit further north.
    GREAT blog, btw....have read back a bit and smiled broadly. Love the barbecue men!!!
    Jane (Alexander)

  4. Hi Jane, and welcome to GAG.

    Cape Ann...beautiful place! I didn't know that about the 'whale rocks' though...heh.

    Please feel free to visit here any time and relax a bit with another author. And thanks for your autho contribution. Will return the favor as soon as I can. I've promised myself a 'wind-down' day today...which must include housework, too. Ugh. This place is a mess!


  5. Hey Karen,

    I agree with you - it was an assinine thing to do!! (although I can't understand how he got BOTH of them 'slatted' as men aren't known for their ability to multi-task.....snicker)

    Have a fun day !!!

  6. Excellent point, young lady! That Mario was one talented (idiotic, naked) guy!

    Make you wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeve! Oh, wait...he doesn't wear sleeves, does her? Or PANTS!!!

    Good grief!