Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Your Average GAG Posting

On Saturday, April 10th, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. a group of friends is putting on a benefit spaghetti supper at Carrabec High School in North Anson. Vicki Anderson of New Portland has Stage Four lung cancer, and the costs of traveling for treatment are burdensome. Please help support our neighbor by coming out and joining us at the school.

At 6:30, following the meal, I will be performing a bit of 'stand-up' comedy to entertain the crowd. That's my intention, anyway, and I'll give it my very best. Life seems cruel at times, but laughter is the best of tonics.

Please join us for a delicious meal, a few giggles, and some other fund-raising opportunities. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

More details will follow as we get closer to the date. Thank you.

I mean it. Thank you.


  1. If I was in Somerset County I'd come along and lend a hand. Best of luck. --JackR

  2. Oops...

    Hey, Jack. Thanks for that. I'm actually looking for a volunteer to help me. I need someone to sit in the audience in his underwear, to help keep me focussed and keep my spirits up.

    Know of anyone I might call on?

  3. will tighty whiteys do? Im up for the chalange!

  4. Deal!!!!

    I'll even buy your supper, how's that???

    Ooh... this is gonna be good! (Wait. Seeing you in your tighty-whiteys won't make me cry, right? RIGHT???)


    I loves ya, Wally. Way to throw yourself under the bus for a good cause! xxxx


  5. No undies down underMarch 14, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    with all these semi naked men in the audience you may start stuttering up there on the stage and blow your lines or something

  6. Hey, undie-less! Well, you could be right. But see, I worry about being maudlin when I'm supposed to be funny. I want to give people value for their hard-earned money, and besides... there's too much sadness in the world. So... I thought, rather than having to go to the effort of IMAGINING the audience in their underwear (for I've an inherent laziness, you know) I'd see if I could get the real deal... somethig guaranteed to keep me smiling and chipper!

    And lucky for me, I've got good friends like Wally who are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the common good.

    But realistically, I ought to have others situated here and there in the audience, for a good performer looks around and includes everyone in her conversation, and doesn't focus on one person, right? So, one volunteer, I've decided, won't be enough.

    Whaddaya say, undie-less? Care to come on up and let it all hang out for good of the team? (Okay... for the good of ME?) I'd be grateful, proud, and beholden (well, I wouldn't 'be holden' anything... poor choice of words...don't get your hopes up... where was I, anyway????)

    Dang, I must be getting old. I can't concentrate on anything, lately!


  7. don't wally should be enough for any girl...two sounds a bit naughty.

  8. Wally... Willie... a girl can't have too many friends in tighty whiteys waiting to give her a smile, can she?

    Come on... give it up for a good cause, undie-less!