Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sandra Stanton Paintings and The New Portland Community Library--A Match Made in Nirvana

As many of you know, I am a staunch supporter of the New Portland Community Library. Mr. Grumbles was a member of the Building Committee, which was responsible for bringing this new community center to town. For my part, I have held fund-raising events for the Library a time or two in the past. Our children--especially our daughter, Josie-Earl--have often taken advantage of this wonderful resource.

The Library is hosting a series of art exhibits under the direction of my friend, Lolly Phoenix. Last Saturday morning, Josie and I stopped at the Library on our way through town, and I was delighted and mesmerized by the sights which greeted me as I walked through the door. The interior of the building is lit with an abundance of natural light, which has always created a terrific ambiance. But the high ceilings and large breadth of wall also appeared rather sterile. A virgin expanse, waiting for a touch to bring a blush and a warmth...

The beautiful, mystical artwork of Farmington resident Sandra Stanton does exactly that! As I walked through the foyer and into the library, I was greeted by an amazing centerpiece—a set of paintings with vivid colors, stunning realism and spiritual allusion. The Library was transformed into a wonder world created by artistic genius. As I wandered around the rooms, I was amazed at the transformation those paintings made to the atmosphere in that space.

I took several photos of the paintings, and I will post them here. But they cannot do justice to Ms. Stanton’s incredible talent. I encourage you to stop by in the next few weeks and borrow a book or two--and while you are there, enjoy the new—but temporary—look of the New Portland Community Library. Even better, please stop by to meet the artist, herself. There will be a reception in her honor on Sunday, January 30th, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. The address is 899 River Road, New Portland (East Village, by the town office and fire station).

These paintings are truly lovely and well worth the trip. And one noteworthy fact: Each of the models Ms. Stanton used for her paintings are real live Mainers! I find that pretty cool! (Said in a very non-artistic, non-mythical way…). Please take advantage of this opportunity to view some amazing artwork. You won’t be sorry.

Below: Sandra Stanton with her artwork at the New Portland Community Library


  1. Wow - they are truly beautiful !

  2. would come but probably get DVT on the flight over

  3. Hello, Trev. Why is it that the mere sight of your name makes me smile?

    Oh, yeah, now I remember....

    Never mind!

    Does the fear of getting deep vein thrombosis worry you enough to keep you from flying? I wouldn't blame you if it did, but I would be disappointed, because that means you'll never come to visit this great state of Maine. And everyone should come visit Maine. Why, if I didn't live here... I'd MOVE here.

    Luckily, that won't be necessary. :o)

    Thanks for showing your mug. Has the missus' found her teeth, yet?


  4. Your paintings are amazing.....with a deep mythological aura!! I remember drawing with crayon on plastic TV screen covers in Astoria with your mom (I called her Aunt Zena out of respect). I knew you had great talent. Enjoy !! Dr Andrew R Insardi.