Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Tragedy Down Under

I have many dear friends in Australia.

Pete and Naomi, Ali g and KK, and Dozy in New South Wales.

Crookedpaw in Victoria.

Jack and Ali and Larry, in Queensland.

Of these, Larry is the only Aussie friend I have actually laid eyes on—the only one I have hugged and kissed, poked and prodded, eaten and drank with. Napped nearby, cut grass with (well, I cut--and he directed the operation) and gotten lost on a dirt road with. Larry bought me lunch, I bought him supper. Larry cooked for me, I washed dishes for him. I built a big bonfire and went swimming in the moonlight, while he crabbed at me for doing something so foolish. Larry brought me jewelry from Laos and gave me his Drizabone coat. I handled his car rental, gave him a place to stay for a month, and put two bullets through his cell phone for him.

But even though I have never held the hands of my other Aussie friends, or leaned against them while laughing, or shared a timid bite of Vegemite, that does not mean that I love them any less. I have been incredibly blessed. These far-away friends have enriched my life more than I ever thought possible.

That’s why I am worried, tonight.

Australia, and especially Queensland, is experiencing a terrible tragedy. Flooding there is the worst on record. This land which was recently going through an epic drought is now inundated with water. The rain won’t stop. The ground is saturated. The rivers are over-flowing and the dams are taxed. I am watching and listening. This girl who shuns the television can’t seem to keep away from it.

I am very, very worried. And I’m ten thousand miles away.

I can’t hug, or hold, or poke or prod. I can’t give them a place to stay, if they need one, or rent them a car to get to high ground. I can’t share Vegemite with them or build them a fire to help them dry out and get warm. I’m helpless. And I don’t like the feeling, at all.

My heart goes out to all those thousands of Aussies who are affected by this terrible event. And my thoughts and prayers are with my wonderful friends who are at the epicenter of the Australian flood.

God Bless you. And please… be safe. Please.

Above are photos sent to me by my pal, Jack. These were taken days before the floodwaters threatened the lives of so many Australians. God rest the souls of those who are lost.


  1. Hey there gorgeous

    That is a beautiful 'posting', thank you for your thoughts & wishes.
    I've spent this last week glued to the TV watching continual new reports down here, felt helpless & reduced to tears many times - it is a tragedy of monumental proportions !!
    I sure hope Jack, Ali & Larry are all safe up there !

    Late this afternoon I heard from my son & they are safe & well so I can sleep easy tonight, but I am sad that so many others can't.....

    Take care & stay safe everyone

  2. Hi sweetie.

    Thanks for checking in. I'm so glad that Paul and family are okay... I know you've been very worried, too.

    Still no word from Jack, Ali or Larry, and I've tried to call, with no luck. Ali g told me the Aussie government was asking people to try to stay off the phone lines, so that's what I'm doing.

    I feel tremendous hope in my heart... I feel like I would 'know' if they weren't okay. I believe they are safe. That 'connection' I have does not feel like it has been severed, so I'm doing my best to be patient. Hopeful.

    Just waiting for news...

    Love you. Stay safe.

  3. Hi again sweetie

    A lot of the phone lines & towers are out of action in quite a few of the affected areas (possibly why you can't reach them) - hopefully they are all okay & safe & that you hear from them soon !!

    Love you xx

  4. Faith is an amazing thing. Down through the ages, a person's faith-- whether in God, (or in A god) or in nature, or in one's own self--has had incredible power. Faith has saved my hide, and saved my sanity.

    Positive thoughts, prayers... these also contain a marvellous energy which can work wonders.

    I just thought I'd put a little bit of my faith and my prayers and my positive thoughts out here on the ether. Like these typed words, that positivity will whiz its way around the globe...

    It surely can't hurt, right?

    Jack, I'm with you and Ali in spirit. My heart is telling me that you are okay. I'm with you as you're cleaning up and mucking out, helping your neighbors, assessing the damage, waiting for services to be restored, taking care of the ones you love, and the ones who simply need a helping hand. It's a big job, huh?

    I'm being cool, and sending the awesome power of my positive thoughts. I hope it helps.

    I think it will.

    Looking forward to taking your lips and guff and calling you an insulting name or two, when all is once again right in your world.


  5. I meant 'taking your LIP'.

    You can keep your lips, I got a couple of my own, thanks...

    Sheesh. I need a proof-reader.


  6. Thank you, Karen. My positive thoughts are joining yours and yes, if we know Jack, he is quite active and working his tush off helping all those around him. :)))
    We're still praying for him and all those enduring this there and in Brazil. . .slightly less patiently than you. Hope conquers.
    (We know the process or lack thereof having endured Katrina and disconnection for 2 months from many loved.)

  7. Thanks, M. M.


    It's nice to know that you're there, and adding the power of your positivity to mine. And to that of many, many others.

    There's little doubt in my mind that we will be hearing from Jack Ramsay--hopefully in words with more than four letters!!-- in the near future.

    In the meantime... I shall remain calm, cool and collected. Jack prefers that to silly female hysterics. I found that out the hard way.

    Sheesh.... :o)

    Okay, back to waiting. Please stay in touch, and I'll do the same.


  8. You know it's all your fault don't you doing all those rain dances in your gumboots.
    Queensland above us here in central NSW and Victoria below are having a terrible time.
    Floods receding in Qld but the mess and heartache left behind is crook.
    No flooding here where we are but all the rain is certainly bringing the snakes out. The nasty ones at that too.

  9. Hey, sweet Ali g.

    Yes, I'd considered the fact that my rain dance to try to help you out with your drought conditions might have contributed. But then, I realized my rain dance never worked Larry gave me his Drizabone coat...

    And then there's the small point that--- I wouldn't have been doing it at ALL if I hadn't been trying to help YOU.

    So see... I've managed to turn the blame right back around and hand it to you Aussie men. Pbbbbttt!

    All kidding aside, I am happy to know that QLD is getting some respite, and I hope the flooding in Victoria is nowhere near as tragic. Which reminds me... now I've gotta go find CP.

    You guys are tough on my nerves, you know? I remember being scared for you last year when your home was surrounded by fire.


    Love you.