Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes... but if that's what it takes...

Derek Small, Executive Director of the Granite State Zoo (GSZ), a nonprofit conservation-education organization, is bringing some of the Zoo's Animals to Kingfield!

GSZ's animals and Educators have appeared on the Martha Stewart Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Fox-25 (Boston), as well as delivering over 1700 educational outreach presentations per year across Northern New England, while also working to build a new public Zoo in Southern NH!

In 2008 they were also a part of the Animal Planet Expo Tour, and today have their own "Wildlife Encounters" TV Show that airs in communities across the area. Don’t miss this rare opportunity.

This is a hands-on show & educational opportunity & everyone is welcome.
Showtime is at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 23
WEBSTER HALL, School St., Kingfield.
Children under 12- $5.00 Adults-$7.50, Families (4 or more)-$20.00

Proceeds to benefit the Friends of the Highland Mountains



  1. Hope it goes great . Love to be there but the flights from down under here will not get me there on time...apart from that got them wallabies hopping around in our backyard anyway

  2. I'm just packing up the raffle items and the brownies. It's gonna be a great event!


  3. Thanks, Ali g. Just headed out in a few minutes.

    It was nice knowing y'all. I've said I'd hold the 16 foot boa and a tarantula, and don't expect to survive the experience.



    See you there, DC. :o)

  4. What do you know....the girl lived through it!!!!!!!

    I saw her with the 15 1/2 foot Burmese Python in her hands. Somehow, I was busy with the raffle when she was scheduled to hold the big hairy spider, but judging from the look on her face when Derek had brought it around earlier....I'm betting that the photos will be worth seeing! :)

    A great event today. Standing room only.

    I hope our Hearings in Augusta on Monday and Tuesday are the same.