Thursday, April 7, 2011


What a gorgeous spring day! Oh, how I wish I’d been able to get outside and enjoy it!

Actually, I did enjoy it. Parts of it, anyway. I attended a LURC pre-conference hearing for the Highland Wind project, which was held this morning at the Maine Forestry Service building in Augusta. That wasn’t the part of the day I got pleasure from, but it was a good meeting to ‘get behind us’, nonetheless. Within a few days the Friends of the Highland Mountains and other interested parties and intervenors will know the schedule of events as they pertain to our most pressing project in the Plantation of Highland.

The part of the day which added additional sunlight to an already dazzling and warm Thursday came before and after the meeting.

I took Josie-Earl with me.

I’d requested that she be allowed an ‘excused absence’ from school, so that she could attend the meeting, too. I believe such things are ‘educational’ and warrant an occasional absence from the classroom. I want my children to be young people who are active and ‘aware’. I want them to be concerned about what goes on around them, and I’d like to see them participate in the shaping of their own futures. I’ve always been of the opinion that a person has no right to complain unless they are willing to take the time (and put forth the effort ) to get involved in changing that which troubles them.

Since I’ve been devoting so much of my free time to ‘wind’, I’ve missed out on a lot of the ‘one-on-one’ time I used to have with my family. So I decided that combining an educational experience with an afternoon of ‘girlie’ shopping was in order.

As often as Josie and I clash, that doesn’t change the fact that she is a delightful young woman. I enjoy spending time with her. She’s funny, articulate, and engaging. I loved spending the day with my daughter.

When it comes to my three kids, I am so very lucky.

After a ten hour day ‘on the road’, I returned home to find forty-one emails waiting for me. I changed into my ‘grubs’ (running pants and a baggy sweatshirt--typical garb for this country girl) and sat down to deal with those many notes. The first one I opened was from a friend in Massachusetts who is also involved in the effort to stop needless and expensive industrial wind sprawl on our mountains. She told me that she’d been searching for something online, and ran across a website called ‘Carbon Capture Report’.

And on this site, she discovered that I have been ‘profiled’.

Profiled. Like I’m an ‘enemy of the state’, or something.

In all honesty, I haven’t had time to read the whole thing. I opened the link, scanned it quickly, and minimized it to the bottom of my screen. It is held ‘in reserve’ for later, in case I get caught up on my work and can devote a few minutes to reading what is there.

All I know is this: The corporate wind lobby is a powerful entity. It has sufficient resources to devote to foolish endeavors such as tracking the activities of a woman from the western mountains of Maine—those same mountains which the wind industry currently covets. Corporations like Independence Wind, First Wind, Maine Wind, Iberdrola Renewables, Patriot Renewables, Eolian Energy…these corporations stand to make millions in tax-payer subsidies if they can build their projects on Maine’s iconic ridgelines.

I also know that the corporate wind lobby is worried. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t waste their time in this manner.

And…I believe that the corporate wind lobby is dirty.

That being said--I also believe they are uninformed. Behind the ball. Wrong. I am far more active in this effort than their statistics show me as being.

If there are folks from the wind industry who want to know my stance on grid-scale wind developments on Maine’s mountains, they need only call me. My home number is (207) 628-2070. My email address is I am an open book, and I will not be intimidated by the very corporations which have infiltrated my state--and my federal--government.

This isn’t solely about industrial wind. Not anymore. It is about right and wrong. It is about corruption. Indoctrination. It involves the fabric of the very foundation in which we Americans believe.

I had a wonderful, happy day with my daughter. Feel free to add that to my stats.


  1. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I'm on that site, too. And as screwed up as their statistics are about you, they are even further off on mine! :)

    Just goes to show: those shilling for the wind industry just aren't very good at presenting the facts!

    Glad you and Josie had a good day yesterday. Did you let her drive in Augusta?


  2. Hey, DC.

    Yep, almost every one of us who've written to the papers or been included in articles is on there. Does it make me feel better?

    Well, I don't feel bad... just mad. Disappointed that this is what the world has come to. And more convinced that ever that we are RIGHT (not that I needed any more convincing...)

    I was going to let Josie drive once we got off the turnpike, but when I pulled over, she informed me that she'd forgotten her permit. And it's against the law for her to drive unless she has it in her possession. So... nope. But that was the original plan.

    Have a great day!


  3. I'm not mad. In fact, I'm smiling. The fact that anyone would take the time to try to compile information about 'us,' just goes to show that we ARE being effective, and we ARE making someone nervous!

    The fact that they got a good part of the information wrong---just goes to prove that those who push for wind---aren't really interested in FACTS!



  4. Yeah, we know 'facts' aren't their strong suit.

    I'm glad you're smiling. I like to know when my friends are happy. :o)

    Just remember this-- it's probably our tax dollars which are paying for those idiots to collect that information. It'd be bad enough if they were doing a GOOD job.

    What a world.

    Have a great afternoon, and get outside and enjoy this sunshine. I actually sat on the steps for 10 minutes and got a little (not enough) Vitamin D.


  5. Yah, it's a beautiful day. I think I'll pick up the maul and go split a little fire wood.

    You know---fire wood--- that green, local, renewable energy source. The one that makes a lot more sense than blowing up our Mountains for the false promise of wind turbine generated electric heat..... [only a politician, and a greedy one at that, would push a plan like that in rural Maine...]

    Have a great afternoon. And remember--the good guys WILL win!



  6. I don't think I made the cut! Not working hard enough...

  7. Hah! You certainly DO work hard enough, young lady!

    In fact, you should be sitting with your feet up, right now!


  8. someone(s) from Ukraine viewed my Saddleback video (on my blog) eight times yesterday. I find that...odd. Sometimes it's best not to know the stats. :)

  9. Hmmm... that IS strange.

    I get a report on the views to my website every week, and I'm often surprised at who visits, and what they read...

    Like you said, sometimes, ignorance is bliss!


  10. Just FYI---My site has gotten a lot attention from the Ukraine, and Russia, lately, too................. Makes you wonder just who's connected to who....Hmmmm???