Saturday, April 30, 2011


What happens when you lose faith in your government? What happens when you start asking questions, and the answers you receive stun you to your very core? What happens when you realize that the People haven’t been running the show, but it’s Big Money and Big Corporations which are in charge, and have been for a long, long time? What happens when you realize that those elected officials you thought were there to serve the People are, instead, pawns for a powerful force which does not care about citizens or their rights, but only cares what those citizens can do to help advance their cause and add to their wealth?

What do you do?

Do you ignore the truth, and go about your business? Do you assume that the revelation, while disturbing, won’t affect you? Or do you hope that someone else will take charge, and step up to the plate to correct the problem? Someone more qualified than you, or who isn’t as busy? Do you feel a twinge of dismay, or sadness or hopelessness, but think to yourself, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it!”? Do you flounder at the immensity of the problem, convinced that your one voice will be ineffective, thereby persuading yourself to remain silent?

Or do you start to speak out? Do you talk to your neighbors and family members? Do you read and research and investigate so that you are as informed as possible, and then take that knowledge that you’ve acquired and try to educate the public?

And if you do take a stand, for how long will you hold your ground? Will you remain constant if your livelihood is threatened? If your reputation is damaged? Will you stay in the game once you find out that you have been “profiled”—your movements tracked, your “tone” evaluated? Will it disturb you when you are approached by strangers from these corporations who seem to know you intimately?

Will you speak out as often and as publicly as possible when you know you are angering the opposition? Will you be intimidated when you testify before Legislative Committees and discover that the corporate lobby has paid dozens of people to come to oppose you and your position? Will you lose hope when you discover that some of the very people you depend on to help you have been paid off, or have personal and financial interests which create obstacles to their ability or willingness to help?

What will you do when well-meaning insiders sympathetically caution you to “give up”? When they tell you that you don’t stand a chance, and that the entities you are opposing are too well-entrenched and powerful to ever be disrupted by someone as inconsequential as you? How will you act or respond when people who’ve promised to support your cause suddenly back off? When you find out they’ve accepted money in exchange for dropping their opposition, or that they’ve been indirectly threatened in some way?

How far will you go? How long can you hold out? Is the battle worth the sacrifice?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

I have.


  1. Yes, I have.

    And the other side doesn't like the answers!

    Thank you, Karen.

  2. I'll just bet they don't, DC.


    But I don't know what you're thanking me for. Nonetheless, I'm sure you're very welcome.


  3. THANKS KAREN ---- I ask myself these (and many other ) questions on a daily basis .. usually around 3 am ... In my humble opinion, it boils down to integrity,honesty, and a willingness to do the things you have committed to do. Choices we have to make every day on many levels.Even the seemingly insignificant compromises have a way of damaging the fibre of who we are ...

  4. Although, having lived, played and worked all my life in Maine, amidst the " Maine Spirit " I don't truly think I ever knew what it really was until the "Wind Giants " came. Every day, now, is my awakening to this spirit, thanks to the many citizens of this great state and the citizens that come to our great state to join us to fight with honesty and truth to rid us of the " Giants " of corruption and greed. Long live the " Spirit of Maine "

  5. Karen

    It's just not Big Money and Big Goverment it's even environmental groups like the Natural Resources Council of Maine who is so ga-ga over the false promises of wind as an alternative energy source that they are willing to sacrifice the very environment they say they want to protect. NRCM was a major player in causing the pending destruction of Maine's mountains and they need to be reminded of it at every opportunity we have to do so.

  6. Hello, Anon. :o)

    Thanks for chiming in, and you are right. It's very challenging to go through life without making compromises, and sometimes, they are necessary. The burden comes in determining when there can be no compromising. Some things are simply too important to negotiate.

    And once you give an inch, those who are accustomed to taking advantage of a situation--or a person--will quickly take a mile.

    Now is the time to stand firm. I'm encouraged to know you are there, standing resolute, too.

    Thank you.

  7. Hey, Dan and Anon #2. :o)

    I so appreciate the fact that you took the time to visit GAG.

    We SHOULD be encouraged by the groundswell of people who are rediscovering their rights, and who are making their voices heard. The "Spirit of Maine" is alive and well.

    And yes... even though I didn't get too 'organization-specific' in my posting, you are right, Anon. There are other entities involved in this which are not considered 'corporations'-- at least, they're not the huge conglomerates we think of when we say 'corporations'. But I believe the root problem is the same. MONEY. And INFLUENCE. Once environmental groups become suggessful and grow, they must constantly feed their machine, so that they can continue to exist. They become so concerned with raising the hundreds of thousands of dollars they need to remail viable and pay their salaries and hire their lobbyists, that they sometimes sell their souls. However, I'm holding out hope that it is not too late for organizations like the NRCM. They were founded for the right reasons, and have done some excellent work. Perhaps, with our encouragement, they will return to their roots and fight for what's right, rather than what is prudent.

  8. Karen, today I attended an 8-hour seminar on Democracy put on by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund ( that has tools to address exactly what you describe. Check out the website, and especially the Ordinances. Specifically, corporations, which have been given "person" status since the mid 1800s, are declined pre-eminence over the people. Quoting from a Barstead, NH, ordinance that succeeded in getting Nestle to pull out of their town: Section 5. Statement of Law. No corporation doing business within the Town of Barnstead shall be recognized as a "person" under the United States or New Hampshire Constitutions, or laws of the United States or New Hampshire, nor shall the corporation be afforded the protections of the Contracts Clause or Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution, or similar provisions found within the New Hampshire Constitution, within the Town of Barnstead.

    This means that if we exert our rights, we supercede corporations rights. This is huge. Don't despair. There is hope! Sue

  9. Karen

    You are more optimistic than I am about NRCM. They certainly didn't show any repentence in their testimony at the hearings last week in Augusta. It's a sad state of affairs when individuals have to carry the banner for protecting the enviroment because NRCM has another agenda.

  10. Hey, Sue.

    I'm so glad you attended. I hated to disappoint Chad and Gail, but I had to say 'no' this time.

    But yes, I've had many great conversations with CELDF folks, and they've "got it going on". Home Rule is very important... it's the most basic form of government BY THE PEOPLE. Naturally, when the wind lobby stops by to read these comments, they'll haul out their profile on CELDF and try to figure out what the organization's Achilles Heel is....but what the hey! It keeps them busy. And spending money. (Too bad so much of it is ours...) :o)

    And...I don't despair. I'm delighted to see you standing tall and proud, as well! Lucky for us, we have RIGHT on our side, as well as an army of dedicated individuals!

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to hearing more about your day.


  11. I know, Anon.... It's just that I believe in a couple of the individuals in the organization, and I think/hope they will be pushing for 'change'. We'll see. I certainly don't have rose-colored glasses on. But sometimes, the goodness of individuals can work wonders.

    As I've seen with you and many others. (Thanks for that!)

  12. I want revenge for what the wind pigs are doing to the Todds Bennetts and Lindgrens, not to mention ruining the mtns. The leg. has to start looking past the money and see the cost. It starts in Mongolia where 97% of the world's rare earth metals come from. Dipstick Dylan said there is methane released when natural gas is drilled. Well, where did he think the term "canary in a coal mine" came from? I will look up his NYTimes story and maybe inquire . He should be actively promoting tidal and solar with the same tenacity he saves for BigWind. I bug him from time to time and he answers when he sees fit. I wish I could convince him to come back from the dark side. He will not or cannot give me info about C02. I have asked him twice now. Also the Environment Maine, FirstWind, and the IWEA. I suspect there is a good reason as there is no accurate data. Keep the faith. Mike DiCenso

  13. Hi Mike.

    I wish I had more optimism that Mr. V would change his stance, but I fear there is a huge ego involved. After traveling across Maine promoting wind and assuring people that mountaintop industrial wind will help save the planet, it would take a lot of courage to admit that he'd been wrong. I don't see that happening.

    I'd love to have to eat my words.

    I have a report I'll send you on CO2 emissions. Just give me a few minutes to finish the task I'm working on, okay? Perhaps you have it, but I'll send, either way.

    It was great to see you in Augusta. Wish we'd had time to chat. Thanks for being one of the brave.


  14. The NRCM is strongly against bill boards on our highways because of their powerful negative visual impact on Maine's quality of place, yet strongly for mountain top industrial wind. They believe the billboards are unsightly and may discourage tourists from travelling up I-95 into Maine. They also believe 1800 forty story tall turbines on our ridge lines and mountain tops, about six per mile for three hundred miles, along with the industrial roads and transmission lines, are all necessary to wean us off of foreign oil. Does the NRCM really believe the small amounts of intermittent wind generated, about 2% of the country's total needs, is going to wean us off foreign oil? If so, how can all of them be so, pardon my bluntness, stupid? Is it ignorance or corruption? Or both? Do they remember the 70's and the wind turbine rush back then? Many of those thousands of abandoned turbines are rusting slowly on our landscape. How many more thousands will join them, at the tax payers expense? We need real solutions to our energy problems and we won't find them blowing in the wind.

  15. in 2009 I Went to a wind meeting in Carthage Maine where you could ask questions.
    My husband asked; 1st selectman, Steve Brown if this proposed Saddle Back Wind Project is a "done deal"? Selectmen pointed out that private property owners can act as they wish.
    Okay, then on the screen, comes a photo-simulation of the SBW turbines.
    I recognized the area of the photo shot and saw turbines as tall as the mountains. I ask, "Is there a visual law?". "No", says Patriot Renewables.
    Many citizens left that meeting feeling "hope less".
    One year later Citizens started challenging what they read.
    I signed up for underground education because I never saw a bad word about Industrial Wind in the public newspapers.
    In 2010 I am asked to see how many "receptors" want a public hearing about SB
    W. I started chasing down addresses and phone numbers until the time limit.
    I contacted 24 of the 34 "receptors" on a study list of the IW developer.
    These 24 did not know IW was planned.
    Now I know citizens rights are being neglected.
    Whose responsibility to protect health and welfare of citizens?
    wind developer?
    Thank You for reading. alice barnett carthage maine

    We are having a supper friday May 20 3-7 Dixfield High school. Home cooked, home raised, home rules....
    again chose your works and send them down to the supper to share...gempaint

  16. Karen, I am proud to stand tall next to you and many others in this well-founded battle to save our mountains from ruination by big wind. I know that it is an uphill battle. But, it is one I am willing to fight to the bitter end. If guts and determination are all that are needed, we have scads of that! I say however it all comes down, at least we can be proud that we all did what we believed was right for Maine. Perhaps we will only win some battles and not the whole war. But, whatever we can manage to do, we should be proud. And just think of all of the many good friends we have made along the way.......people that I know I would never have known otherwise. That puts a smile on my face whenever I feel discouraged in this fight. It gives me courage to hang in there when it sometimes seems hopeless. I am convinced that it is not at all hopeless. God Bless all of you that are courageous enough to get involved and stay involved.

  17. Hi Penny, Alice and Anon #3. :o)

    I'm headed out to a FHM meeting, so can't respond fully right now-- just wanted to say THANK YOU! For who you are, for what you are doing, and for the courage you display!



  18. "But keep a special watch
    For in the fading light
    the Free Man of the Mountains
    Will do as he thinks right

    As long as there's a Mountain
    Or a little piece of Wood
    The Free Man of the Mountans
    Will fight like Robin Hood

    And like that mythic hero
    He never will be caught
    As long as one lone Mountain stands
    Our plans are all for naught"

  19. When it is all over and done with and you know the "stuff" is to deep to deal with, look back and think about what your ancestors did? In 1776 they looked to the left just like the pretty lady sitting behind the wheel above should do. What does she see? She see's herself with a gun walking across a field to fight those who over tax the populace and restrict their God Given rights and freedoms = just tike those folks did a few hundred years ago. Yes Sir they stood up and were counted.

    Some of us were born as free men and will be until death. That is a choice everyone may have to take at some time in the future.
    God have mercy on their souls.

  20. DC, thank you for the great bit of verse! The Bard of Maine's Forests-- that's what you've become.


    And Anon #4....


    Your words made me smile and touched a place deep inside. Thank you.